Hover Square

Image Hover Square Use simple and cool hover effects.

Small Demo “Image Hover Square”.

You can view the complete Demo here.

The module is very easy to use.

First, select the Image Hover Square plugin. The following fields are available for the plugin. 1. Effect 2. Image 3. Title 4. Description For the effects, the spin 1 to 44 are available. You can see what every single effect does on the demo page. When you have filled in all fields, just click on Save and the entry is ready.

Title Font Color
.info h3 {
color: #ff0000 !important;
Description Font Color
.info p {
color: yellow !important;
Hover Background Color
.colored .info {
background: #FEC636 !important;
Border Color to Square
.ih-item.square {
border: 8px solid #cccccc !important;